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We are the Van Pelt Family

We are so excited to introduce ourselves to you! There is so much to share so let's get started!!:)


Meet our little family!





#1 Loves to cook 
#2 Enjoys playing city league sports (especially basketball)
#3 Is musically talented (sings, ukulele, piano)
#4 Teaches seminary

#1 Enjoys baking 
#2 Loves music (especially OneRepublic)
#3 Plays the piano and taught for 4 years
#4 Graduated with a bachelors in Education

#1 Loves to sing all the time
#2 Favorite movie is Frozen 2
#3 Is a pro at riding her scooter
#4 Enjoys reading books  

#1 Loves to snuggle 
#2 Is a smily and happy baby
#3 Likes to relax and chill
#4 gives the cutest scowls 

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How did we get here?


Our first meet in Mr. Trimble's 9th-grade science class

High school sweethearts - Katelyn Started Photography Classes

Zach left on his church mission for 2 years in Chile

Katelyn left on her church mission for 1.5 years in Argentina

- We wrote to each other while we were on our missions

We got engaged in January at a BYU basketball game

Married on May 20th for time and all eternity

Became parents to our first child Peyton

Katelyn started taking photography classes from Amy & Jordan Demos in February


Zach joined by doing videography and we became a husband and wife team


Our son William was born on August 11th 

Photographed more than 15 weddings this year












Our wedding day was seriously one of the best days of our lives. It was magical! We felt like we were in a Disney princess movie. Before we got married, we were told by many people that marriage was hard the first year and that in general it is hard. After we were married and we were past our first year, we were thinking, "What were those people talking about? We love each other and we are so happy to be together. This first year has been AMAZING and we are going to keep the rest of our marriage amazing." We aren't saying that our marriage is perfect (which it isn't). What we are saying is that because of the joy and love that we have for each other, we know that any couple and family can have those same feelings in their relationships. We wanted to spread the love and joy that we have with others so that they can have those gifts in their lives too. Our photography business is based on the wonderful gifts of love and joy. 

In every situation where we are with a client, or even if we are talking to them, we make sure to share that joy and love. We treat our clients like they are family. We want them to know that they aren't just our clients, they are our friends and we love them. Many of our clients are some of our dearest friends and we are still keeping in contact with them and strengthening our relationships with them. Our goal as photographers is to make sure that our clients are having a joyful time, know that they are loved, and have an experience that will strengthen their relationship with each other and their loved ones.
The other part of our purpose is timeless. When we look back on our lives, we typically look at pictures of the past. We look at our wedding pictures to reflect on that special day, we also look at pictures of our kids when they were born and think about how much they have grown and learned over the years. Pictures are a way of reflecting on the past. Because they are such an important part of our lives, we want to produce pictures that are TIMELESS, full of JOY, and that bring out the LOVE. Each time we are taking pictures, we look for the best lighting, locations, and we pose you in poses that are comfortable, beautiful for composition, and that will make you laugh. We do these things because it brings out the best of YOU in your pictures. You will look back on your pictures and think about the emotions you had, what was going on at that time, and reflect on that moment.

As your photographers and friends, we guarantee pictures that will be timeless, loving, and joyful all at the same time. We want this for you because we love having these gifts in our lives. We have personally seen the effects that these gifts have in our lives and in the lives of our clients and friends. 

We love you and hope that we can make some magic together!:) 


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