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Charity & Jacob | Engaged

October 21, 2022


We want to welcome our newest couple to the KZ tribe. Charity and Jacob got engaged about a month ago and we are so excited for them to get married in November and be their Utah wedding photographers. They have such a unique love story that includes a pretty cool proposal. Ever heard of a proposal involving Hot Wheels cars? Let me tell you about one!:)

How They Met

Charity and Jacob met when they were 16 years old in high school. Jacob ran with one of Charity’s friend, Luke, who introduced him to her. Charity was liking and dating other people while Jacob liked her. They met one time at Smith’s by the Hot Wheels cars aisle. Ever since that meeting, they have given each other Hot Wheels cars as part of their relationship.

The Proposal

When Jacob was about to propose, he had asked Charity what she wanted and she told them that she wanted something simple and that didn’t draw a lot of attention. He decided to propose to her in the aisle by the Hot Wheels in Smiths!:) How cool is that? As he was getting down on one knee, they saw an older man in the aisle who had no reaction to the situation whatsoever. Such a fun and unique proposal!

The Engagement Session

We took these engagement pictures at Nicholls park hollow in Farmington, UT. During the session, I asked Charity and Jacob if they were wanting any specific pictures. Jacob says, “We didn’t get any of her ring because we weren’t engaged yet when we got our other pictures done.”

He also told their photographer that they didn’t want kissing pictures because they weren’t engaged. When they told me that I said, “Well we are going to take LOTS of kissing pictures tonight then!!” As wedding photographers, we love to have fun and create a special experience for our clients.

We did the giggle kiss many times and it brought out those beautiful fun smiles and laughs. You have to understand too that Jacob doesn’t like PDA. And I am one who likes to make the session fun so I knew that if I had them do kissing poses, he would have to get out of his comfort zone. He had a great time though and the session was a blast!

They are related to Natalie & Brigham!

Jacob is actually brothers with one of our KZ grooms! We were Natalie and Brigham’s Utah wedding photographers earlier this year and Jacob was on his LDS mission when they got married. He is Brigham’s brother and we remember getting pictures of Jacob’s cardboard cut out of him as a missionary at Brigham’s wedding. We love being able to work and see the same families for other weddings and meet new people.

We can’t wait for their wedding in November and to celebrate more with them and their families!

I loved the lighting during this session! They both just glowed!
They were all about having those candid moments during their session.
Foot pop baby!!:)


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